Moving to London changed the way I think, see and react.

I’ve never been interested in architecture from a photographic point of view, now it’s all I can see. 

I find myself looking more and more for geometry, consciously.

Photographing buildings makes me feel secure, I feel no pressure taking a moment to study them and understand them. 


Everything has to be essential and it has to be balanced.


Of course no scene is always perfect and I have nothing against ‘manipulating reality’, for that reason I have clear in my mind what I want to change about it, or add to it, the moment I press the shutter button.

I often add graphic elements to them, it’s like they are asking me to.


This is where my idea of graphic design starts from. A photograph.

That is how I work.

The photograph may as well disappear at the end of the process, but know that it’s always been there, at the start.


My brain works in stages, and it simplifies the image every time I approach it from a different point of view.

So that what’s left at the end, it’s just the skeleton and the meaning is not hidden anywhere.